A Roadmap to Beginners: How to Kickstart Six Digit Online Earning Career

A Roadmap to Beginners How to Kickstart Six Digit Online Earning Career

In this digital era, online earning is a new trend and hot topic of the town. People are more interested in it, like never before. If you are fascinated by this subject and want to start a thousand-dollar journey. Yes, you are in the right place to get complete guidance. This blog covers all the essentials a beginner needs to know before jumping into the ocean of online earning. It will cover the roadmap of this journey from mind-makeup to trendy skills and earning platforms.

Online earning is more likely to cash your expertise with your own place, comfort zone, and working hours. In this field, you are self-employed and your own boss. No one will decide or pressurize you for some specific work. But your laptop will not start earning with some easy clicks. You need to understand the concept of skill-based earning.

Why should you go for skill-based online earning?

There are many facts that are making freelancing a hot topic. Top of the table is the potential of it as an ever-growing career. You cannot say I can only earn 400 dollars per month. There are chances of rapid growth and no going back after an optimum level in this industry. The per month earning graph goes higher & straight up after an accelerated time & experience. Within a few months you can even cross 1000 dollar per month working from home, with the help of a single skill.

A Roadmap to Beginners How to Kickstart Six Digit Online Earning Career

Roadmap to Earning Thousand Dollars per Month:

You know the potential of the market now. Excited? want to know how to kick start this journey, here is the complete roadmap to start your thousand dollars per month journey. There are two steps:

  1. Prepare your mind:

The primary and most significant concern is your “mind makeup”. Make a mind that you are going to learn something new. Prepare your mind and soul to explore an unseen perspective of life.

  • Get ready and befriend the internet. It has all answers to your questions and is the best companion you are going to have on this roller coaster.
  • Take a decision and stick to it. Don’t get demotivated in the passage, it gets difficult to pick non-traditional domains.
  • Surround yourself with the seniors and get help from their experience. Don’t fall into the trap of non-freelancing people. You’ll face many naysayers saying everything is a scam, but who knows EXACTLY if they actually are scammers or your well-wishers? I repeat, don’t take the opinion of the folks who are not in this field.
  1. Prepare your hand:

When you are mentally ready and energetic to dive in it. It’s time to get your hand (skill set) ready.

  • Pick a skill and platform to learn from. Get connected to like-minded people and take a space from everything unnecessary.
  • Learn it by heart and put your best into it. Do your hands-on practices and create an eye-catching portfolio.
  • Offer your services to some relatives, family, or on social media. Get a little experience and you are all set to rock in freelance marketing places.

How to prepare your hand?

First, get to know about the trendy skills and how they can be sold. What are the marketplaces and how do they work?

Whatever you imagine can be done remotely, is selling on marketplaces. Covid-19 did not only make the shopping business online, the whole world is seeing remote work in a new spectrum now. Instead of hiring traditional 9-5 individuals, remote allies are preferred now.

Trendy skills:

Here are some trendy skills listed:

  • Digital marketing
  • Web development
  • Graphic design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content writing
  • Content marketing
  • Data analytics and processing
  • Business consultancy

Let’s not make it hard to digest. If we niche down these skills, a person with command on creating professional business presentations can earn thousands of dollars per month.

Why are digital skills high-paying?

You will get paid because it will make the business earn more. Simple as that!!

Every business needs a digital presence and tends to visualize better than competitors. They also prefer to stay on top of web searches. It is so simple to understand the potential of digital skills.


The equation of online earning is simple. You need to have the creative skill and professionalism to sell it on a marketplace.

When you have decided on a skill and want to get training from high-end professionals. Here is the list of competent learning platforms.

Learning platforms:

YOUTUBE is the teacher of the 21st century. It has tutorials for almost everything. You just need to find a mentor and invest your time to learn new skills.

Many professionals share their free or paid courses on international learning platforms such as

  • Udemy
  • Google garage
  • Linda
  • Coursera
  • Futurelearn
  • Udacity

Other than that, we are lucky to have some local Government funded platforms that are giving training, mostly free of cost. Such as:

  • E-rozgaar
  • Digiskills
  • DigiPakistan
  • TEVTA E-learning online courses


Next step in this journey is an earning platform. When skill is mastered, it is the time to go to marketplaces. Here are some competent earning platforms listed.

Earning platforms:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Peopleperhour
  • Freelancer
  • 99designs
  • Workchest
  • Guru
  • Toptal

Fiverr is the most famous platform with the highest success ratio for beginners (with no cash investment, of course). It is popular for always updating algorithms and maximum opportunities for the NEWBIES to get an order in their first month.

This is also the fact that earning is not bound to these websites only. Even social media is a powerful tool in this mode. You can sell your services using it. Usually, freelancers get their first jobs from Facebook groups, Instagram feeds, or LinkedIn job opportunities.

When you are selling digitally you are not bound to specific websites or places to offer services, they can be offered from anywhere.

Literally, global village job opportunities.

Key Attributes:

This mode of earning is not only limited to project-based jobs. Here are the additional perks.

  • More chances of stable income stream, you can be a permanent employee and draw long term contracts
  • High paying jobs, either long term or short term
  • You get the experience of working with different clients, teams and get professionally groomed for new opportunities
  • Having a skill set offers you multiple opportunities other than freelancing as well

Final Words:

Having a thousand-dollar online income stream does not demand a simple job without any effort. It requires a lot of time investment and struggles at the start. Later it has many more chances of growth and expansion than the traditional jobs. Investment of your time (3-6 months) can make you achieve more than a traditional 9-5 job.


Earning platforms have their own merits, demerits, and terms & conditions. You need proper guidance to have a stable profile.


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