How to Optimize LinkedIn Profile-A Complete Strategy?

How to Optimize LinkedIn Profile-A Complete Strategy?

In our small life of seventy to ninety years, we spend a lot of time getting an education, learning new things, implying those things in our practical part, and then try to complete our tasks within due time. In the daily hustle and bustle of routine employment or business, we forget our personal branding and try to run behind building brands for the luxurious lives of humanity on our dearest planet.

A featured way of self-branding and self-promoting that gives you a bright chance to signal your motivations and skills is, through profile building at LinkedIn. Viewing yourself from a marketing perspective you should know how to optimize your profile in terms of worth and branding. The LinkedIn features are regularly updated to optimize your profile and let you view yourself as a promising professional personality with salient features of outstanding performance.

A long list of worthy features is available to uplift your profile on LinkedIn regularly either making a quick win or a tortoise journey, but ultimately you will be recognized by your personal brand. Here are some of the tips you can follow to make your profile stand out in the crowd so that concerning hiring persons can contact you:


1. Select an Appropriate Profile Picture:

A fresh recent picture of you will give an enchanting appearance on the display of your profile. The first is the last impression. Wearing the best option of the day and making almost sixty percent of the LinkedIn profile space will make you the right choice. Take your face picture to give a clear impact.


2. Put a Striking Cover Photo:

Another visual element that can for sure grab people’s attention is the cover photo that may depict your talents and may promote your display picture in a great mode. It may be in the form of your service/skills, sole banner to represent your expertise.


3. Descriptive Headline Present you as a Whole:

You are the one who knows yourself, your positives and negatives, your capabilities and talents, your working abilities, and your expertise. You must choose your job title presenting an expressive and inspirational know-how about your working tactics. Must Include keyword (your service) in the headline. It will work for better SEO of your profile.


4. Turn your Compressions into a Narrative Story:

Your job titles or talent lists are all window shopping if you cannot create a difference in the social order with those skills. And this is the real turning point where you can summarize your skills with their potentiating practical effects on those around you and for those you are working with. This is the description of your profile (summary) that narrates; who are you and how are you serving with your exclusive expertise. (It shouldn’t include noun or pronoun as a subject, rather you have to write this by starting with some adjectives, like ‘innovative, expert, embedded, proficient etc.).


5. Highlight your Services and Specialties:

Services is one of the recent features that LinkedIn has introduced for its worthy users. You can use this special feature to highlight the services you may offer others as a freelancer, consultants, and entrepreneurs. (Use ‘add services’ button under the headline).


6. Use Attractive Catchphrases as Slogan:

All are using few terms regularly as “experienced”, “expert”, “innovative”, “passionate” etc. to describe their profiles, summaries, and headlines. Frequent use of these few buzzwords has created a roadblock to newcomers and these words have lost their true impressions. People need change and you can make your slogan unique to make it meaningful and catchy to convince their minds. (Services as sure as the sun shines)


7. Synchronize your Email with your Profile:

Once you get yourself organized by synchronizing your email address book with your profile; it makes the world small for you. Although your connection request will never be sent without your permission, it is an amazing and effective strategy to connect relevant people to each other through LinkedIn. It makes your network up to date and vibrant with people buzzing in with similar minds and work profiles.


8. Getting Advocated and Recommended:

Your credibility increases threefold by being advocated by other network users. But how to get advocated? It is the real strategy where you should take initiative, advocate others, send endorsements for their key skills, and there will be the reward. You will get endorsements on the give and take strategy and that is your need. You may request your mates/buddies and boss too to endorse your outstanding skills.


9. Editing the Skill Section of your Profile:

This is an amazing feature you can use to manage your endorsements and skills whether they are creating a hurdle in your real profile presentation or attracting more. You can hide or show these comments by editing the skill section as per your priorities.


10. An Online Skill Assessment Test:

The online skill assessment test is a unique feature to display a Verified Skills Badge on your profile making you more eligible to be hired for the roles you present. It is your own free will to either display or hide your assessment result since you can retake the tests many times.


11. Listing your Achievements and Successes:

Adding a course certificate or workshop to your LinkedIn profile may provide you an opportunity to list your achievements and keeping your profile updated. It can be done in the Learning History Section of your LinkedIn Learning Account. Sending your updates about your achievements may create colors in your profile.


12. Present your Artistic Talent as Publication Achievement:

Least used element in the LinkedIn profile is the Publication section while it is a real asset of your profile presentation. Have you ever written something and posted it for your company’s blog or helped someone to write an eBook or some other artistic paperwork? Now is the chance to profoundly present your skill in the Publication section of LinkedIn


13. Keep Plugged in for your Comments and Shares:

Monitoring your responses about the comments and shares is a great step to resonate with your network. Keep yourself plugged in to start new conversations and in this way, you can publish long-form posts.


14. Share Relevant Content with Keywords & Hashtags:

In order to get more engagement on your profile, keep on posting the stuff related to your services/skills. This trick not only boost the profile but also let public think, you are pro in your services. Using keyword in your posts and hashtags having a good number of followership, also help you to stand out in the crowd of people having same skill set.


Time spent to update and manage your LinkedIn profile is worth spending whatever minutes it takes. Enhance your profile setting step by step, making every feature an adorable piece of art supporting your true talents. You will be astonished by the difference it creates for both you and your business. Setting aside a few minutes either from busy evenings or over your lunch breaks would give you cent percent advantage.



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