6 Easy Ways to Write Catchy Headlines to Grab Readers’ Attention

6 Easy Ways to Write Catchy Headlines to Grab Readers' Attention

Are you wondering why your professionally written blog posts don’t get much attention? If you do, then it’s time you make yourself familiar with the importance of catchy headlines.


Eye-catching headlines are considered among the most important factors to drive traffic. A recent survey shows that around 80% of readers decide whether to read the entire article after looking at the headline.


That’s the reason professional writers spend most of their time creating persuading and appealing headlines. You’d be amazed after hearing that top-notched writers from all over the world spend days writing a suitable headline for their blog posts.


How to Write Catchy Headlines?

If you think that writing catchy headlines is not a big deal, you can easily do it after creating your blog post, then, unfortunately, your assumptions are wrong. The procedure of adding a few words in a line sounds easy, but it’s kind of frustrating and time-consuming. But the more time you’ll spend on your headline, the more positive results you’ll get.


Stay stick to this article and learn about the six best ways to write fascinating titles:


1. Use Numbers to Give a Professional Look to Your Headline

If you’re a writer, then it’d be much appreciated if you research to find out the most prominent blog posts on search engines. Most of them will have numbers in their titles.


The technique is used in writing catchy headlines, which gives more value and professionalism to blog posts.


Also, keep this thing in mind that if your post has something worth mentioning in numbers, use it; otherwise, don’t.



2. Use Emotional Words to Get to Readers’ Attention

To be really honest, if you want to grab your readers’ attention, offer them the solution to their problems. Use emotional words in your title to convince them to click through it instantly. Here are some words for your convenience:

  • Easy
  • Free
  • Reliable
  • Essential
  • Entertainment
  • Perfect
  • Amazing
  • Complete



  • 3 Easy Ways to Master Beatboxing
  • 10 Free and Reliable Chrome Extensions for Writers
  • Learn Dancing – Complete Guideline for Beginners
  • How to Write a Perfect Resume?


These heading writing styles will help you to attract a countless audience, and your post will prosper in no time.


3. Show Readers What They Will Get from Your Article

If your post possesses guidelines, lists, and other bullet points, don’t forget to use attention-seeking words like this:

  • Facts
  • Lists
  • Guides
  • Tips
  • Tricks
  • Ideas
  • Reasons


These words have got the ability to convince readers that your post is going to be engaging and informative.



  • 6 Best Gothic Clothing Ideas in 2021
  • 3 Tips & Tricks to Learn Chess Easily
  • 10 Reasons to Visit Pakistan in 2021
  • 5 Amazing Heading Writing Ideas


These eye-catching headlines will increase the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) of your blog posts, and you’ll be ready to welcome steady traffic.


4. Use Question Words to Make Your Readers Curious

Experts use this trick to write catchy headlines because readers tend to click decent and uncommon ones. If you want to stay on top of the competition, use these words in your title:

  • What
  • Why
  • How
  • When
  • Who



  • What is the Best and Affordable 3D Printer to Buy in 2021?
  • Why is Online Business the Best Option for You?
  • How can You Earn Passive Income in 2021?
  • Who can Win an Oscar for the Best Actor in 2021?


In addition, keep this thing in mind that use these words only when necessary.


5. Promise Your Audience

In your title, assure your audience that your article possesses all the required information that is beneficial for them. By doing this, you won’t be just unique from your competitors, but also, your reputation will increase.



  • Learn How to Make Passive Income with 100% Guaranteed Results
  • Best Domain to Buy in 2021 – Experts’ Choice
  • Top 10 Highly Recommended Exercises for Adolescents


6. Use Your Focus Keyword in the Title

Last but not least, during heading writing, make sure to use the focus keyword. Besides improving your SEO score, it’ll increase the authenticity of your title.



  • Learn Yoga, Improve Your Mental Health
  • What are the Best Calisthenics Exercises?
  • How is Digital Marketing Making Distinct Achievements?


The bolded words are focus keywords, and the readers will be convinced to dive into your post.


Wrap Up

Writing catchy headlines surely takes quality time, but if you’re familiar with its methodology, things will become smooth for you.


I’ve shared the most effective and easiest ways to write attention-grabbing titles. Now, do the practical work for the best results. Only practice will help you to achieve your goal.


Furthermore, don’t forget to follow the blog. By doing this, you’ll be notified whenever I’ll share useful information about the digital world.


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